About Us

Our office has been active for over 10 years in the field of tax, tax and insurance services. Our goal is to serve and provide reliable and specialized solutions to our customers. Our team, which is constantly aware of the daily changes that occur, can serve and guide you safely and professionally. There is a wide network of associate professionals such as lawyers, notaries, engineers, special advisors with whom we cooperate to resolve and investigate complex and special cases.

ITC GROUP is a reliable partner for businesses and individuals throughout Greece and abroad. We have been active in the financial sector and specifically in the field of accounting, tax, insurance services since 2012. We provide high quality services so that customers with the information and tools we give them to make informed decisions about their finances.


For our office trust is one of the most basic characteristics.

We handle customer personal data with professionalism and attention always in accordance with European Legislation and GDPR.

We use programs and computers that ensure the proper management of personal data as well as their security.